FAQ Catering | EA Bake Bakery & Cafe


What is your catering delivery area?

We deliver throughout the greater Fort Myers area within a 10 mile radius of our bakery cafe. However, we may be able to accommodate a farther address, depending on food, amount ordered and driver availability.


Do you have a minimum catering order?

There is a minimum order amount of $100 to deliver your catering during the weekdays. Weekend minimum is $150.


What is the delivery fee?

Our flat fee for catering deliveries is dependent on the zone. Most of our primary delivery area is $29. This covers the labor in packaging your order for the day, delivering to your address and setting up your food.


What is included with catering orders?

Your order will arrive with everything you need to serve and eat. This may include plates and/or bowls, utensils, napkins, cups, serving utensils, condiments, creamers and sweeteners. Plus, every order gets EABake mints!


Can i get a copy of my reciept?

All invoices are automatically stored in our catering software. You can access your account through our catering account page at https://catering.eabake.com/user/login If you are having trouble logging in you can call our bakery cafe and speak to the catering manager.


Help, I can't decide what to order and how much to order

Catering orders can get complicated. We're here to help you get it right! First, browse our menu and familarize yourself with our menu. Have how many guest you think will be coming and the time you need your order. Then contact us through the request quote link or call our bakery cafe at 239-225-0450 to speak to our catering manager.


Is your delivery time exact?

Due to the unique requirements of certain catering orders, we give a 15 minute window to deliver your order. This helps ensure your hot foods arrive hot and allows for unforeseen circumstances on the way there. It is still important that you give the accurate time needed to avoid any food quality issues.


How does the Cater Rewards work?

For every $30 you spend in catering, you earn $1 to use on your next catering order. For example, spend $300, you'll earn $10. Every account is automatically enrolled when you sign up for a catering account and add your payment method. Points are earned on the subtotal only (delivery, gratuity and tax are not included). Rewards are not transferable and terms and value are subject to change without notice. Create your EABake Catering Account to be enrolled. You can check reward dollar balance under the My Account section in the top right corner of the order site.